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4 ideas to reform your house in a short time

Paint your house. Obviously, depending on the size of your house, painting the entire house is not an option for a short period of time, but you can do it in parts. Changing the color of the walls of your house will renew its style and make you feel in a completely new space. Try starting with the smallest rooms so that this task …


Decoration mistakes in your home

We always want to show our house in the best way. The decoration is shown as a fundamental element to create a good atmosphere inside your house. To get it right, avoid overloading and be clear about the most common decoration errors. When decorating keep in mind the real needs of your home. The decoration turns out to be very important for the harmony …

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What is Home Staging? 5 tips and ideas

Home Staging is what is called the art of improving a home to increase its sale price. Home Staging seeks an increase in the price of housing through structural or decorative improvements to increase the index of potential interested buyers. By increasing the rate of interested buyers, demand interest will also increase and competition will take place so much that experts say can lead …

Fireplaces for your home

We already have winter and everything that goes with it. The cold, the wind, rains and for the lucky ones, or not, according to your point of view, the snow. With this time what you most want is to stay at home, comfortably on the sofa and enjoying your favorite movie and sheltered by a good fireplace. The world of fireplaces is very extensive. …

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