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Decoration mistakes in your home

Posted by Emporda Immo on 04/02/2020


We always want to show our house in the best way. The decoration is shown as a fundamental element to create a good atmosphere inside your house. To get it right, avoid overloading and be clear about the most common decoration errors. When decorating keep in mind the real needs of your home.

The decoration turns out to be very important for the harmony of our home. This defines us and makes us an identifier of ourselves. With a correct decoration we can create more welcoming environments and achieve a greater visual effect. Combine functionality with interior design, take advantage of your home and discover a thousand new ways to take advantage of decoration.

Next, we show you the six most committed mistakes in decoration.


Too much furniture or the wrong size

One of the biggest mistakes in decoration is the arrangement of the furniture inside the rooms. We find a certain rivalry between planning and misuse of space. Most of the time we buy furniture on impulse. Before buying furniture, keep in mind the measurements of the room or living room. Measure the surface of the plant, keep in mind radiators, windows and even plugs.

Look for the aesthetic part of the furniture, but keep in mind its practical part at the same time. Avoid placing furniture against the wall, distribute it throughout the room. Check circulation and areas near doors.


Put wrong pictures

Many times we place pictures or wall elements, without having a previous criterion. Placing too many items on the wall can burden the decor and create a bad atmosphere. For this reason, decorate the wall, but without exceeding.

At ground level take advantage of every square meter. Try to integrate the best of all the environments in your house, such as the dining room, kitchen, office or even your own room. The trick is to decorate looking for multifunctionality.


Use of different decorative styles

Arrange your home with the same decorative flow in all its spaces. Combine and modify taking into account the same decoration. Plan the decoration and give a touch of personality in each room. It is not necessary to make up your house and that the rooms are the same, but to find an appropriate and not loaded decoration.

Use the same style throughout your home and do not make sudden changes. Locate the appropriate furniture and accessories.


Disregard lighting

The decoration also takes into account lighting. In fact, it is one of the most important factors since it gives life to the home. Create more spaces with the lighting in your home. Do not cover the light entrance and avoid disasters.

Use light colors to favor the entry of natural light. Play with lighting and create different environments.

If your house is poorly lit, play with cool colors like blues or greens for a touch of depth. On the other hand, it places new points of artificial light and shapes the atmosphere of your home. You can place floor, table or wall lamps for dark places.


Use dark tones

It is not about prohibiting the entry of colors, but keep in mind the neatness of your house. Use soft and pleasant tones.

It achieves a balance with the prints and uses colors in its proper measure. Don’t be afraid to mix, but don’t go over the line.

If the room is small, paint the walls in cold colors to absorb the little light that enters. If your room has large windows or points of light, use blue or green colors to harmonize the room.

Warm shades are also a good option, so much so that light or pastel shades are becoming the trend.


Do not invest in storage

Having a lot of interior equipment always turns out to be positive and important. Invert in storage objects and gain space.

If you do not have as many closets, use drawers or boxes as your main ally. Avoid clutter and use them as a decorative medium. Object storage always turns out to be positive

Don’t forget the details. As a last tip, at Emporda Immo we always keep in mind the delicacy within our properties. We believe that they give a very positive decorative touch and create added value to your home. Customize your property and create your little corners.

Remember to always keep decoration in mind and face your life in a more optimistic way. Balance your life!

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