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Real Estate Tips during COVID-19

Posted by Emporda Immo on 20/04/2020

It seems our world in 2020 changes every few days as to where you stand either as a buyer or a seller in today’s ever-changing real estate market. We go online to shop on Amazon, we go to the grocery stores and make sure we keep our distances from other shoppers. We walk down the aisles as we become immediately aware that this isn’t shopping as usual. That wish of being lucky when we look for hand sanitizers which seem virtually impossible to find. Our sports are gone, shopping malls closed, restaurants only delivering. Then we go home to become ever-increasingly bored with watching Netflix. Will all of this disrupt the real estate markets for Real estate agents, buyers and sellers?

Yes, it sure does. But to what extent, no one really knows.

In the upcoming weeks and months. The COVID-19 pandemic will give increasing uncertainty to the market, and real estate agencies, buyers and sellers need to research the facts and figures to determine whether now is a good time to buy or sell.

For sellers, if you need to sell there will always be buyers. Life circumstances are plentiful, so in any market, there’s always a market.  Just with this pandemic their arent as many buyers as we’re used to in the Spring which year after year has proven to be the strongest of all the seasons. You just need to be smart and work with the right people. Sanitizing has never in our lifetimes been more important than it is today.


When you decide to sell, here are some tips for you to consider:

  1. Your home needs to look at its absolute best! For the fewer amount of showings that every seller will receive, you need to make sure that your home looks its absolute best. Unless your one of the 1% that needs nothing done because it’s perfect… you are a dream client for any real estate agency. But the other 99% need professional home staging done like never before. You need to stand out and cause a buyer to feel emotional about your home, nothing does this better than professional home staging services. And I’m confident that I have one of the best staging services out there.
  2. Clean and sanitized
    Clean surfaces and sanitized. It’s a different market that needs a different strategy. Your home needs to be sanitized before and after every single showing. And this needs to be communicated by your agent to the buyers. This is important and creates a level of comfort and being a responsible seller in troubling times. Your buyers will really appreciate this.
  3. There might be this condition..
    Some Buyers also have properties to sell in order for them to move. So as a Seller, you need to be open-minded to the fact that their offer may include a condition on the sale of their home. I’ve seen more offers accepted with this condition than in the past few years so it’s becoming more normalized now. In this case, we have to measure the likelihood of their property selling faster compared to yours. If it’s in a slower market, you may want to consider your options and have them list hoping you don’t sell, or sign the offer and hope they can find someone to buy their home and close the sale on yours.
  4. Get a Virtual Tour!
    Never has there been a time where online shoppers are more inclined to have a virtual tour of your home. Not too many will make a buying decision on the virtual tour alone, but having your home professionally staged from top to bottom will definitely spark their interest and ensure if they do visit, that they won’t be disappointed doing so. No buyer during this time will want to get out and visit any home unless they know your home is worth the time to do so.


So now let’s talk about some important tips for buyers:

  1. Research… Research… RESEARCH!
    Along with your agent, research your top properties and shorten your list to your absolute favourites. We all have families at home so taking an entire afternoon going through a full list of homes isn’t a good thing. If you have doubts about a few because they lack features that are important to you… skip them and go the ones that more interest you.
  2. Safety comes First!
    Every home I show and leave. We need to make sure we’re not touching anything! From when I open the lockbox, take the key, open the door… we always sanitize! COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for days so just remember, if you need to touch something, then you need to clean after! If you go by these rules, you’re good to go!
  3. Pre-approved financing
    With lending rates being so low it’s pretty exciting. But theirs nothing worse than falling in love with a property and finding out later that you can’t afford it. You feel disappointed and sometimes embarrassed so make sure you know you’re number because finding “that” house should be exciting!


So these are my tips for both buyers and sellers during this crazy time. To add, Emporda Immo has launched a promotion that includes free virtual tours and professional home staging services for all of our new clients during this time. This provides our clients a professional service that make their homes look their absolute best.

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