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Years of experience, multilingual team with detailed knowledge of the local market.
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We are experts in finding the most suitable buyers for your home, which allows us to sell your house or apartment in the most efficient way.

Nothing like a local knows the aspects of the area. Knowing which is the “good” part of a certain street, the sunny side of the plots, is an innate quality of Emporda Immo.

We have years of experience in buying and selling properties in the best areas of the Costa Brava. We know the terrain as the back of our hand. Hundreds of people have asked us to manage and sell their properties and we have always tried to provide a rigorous, exquisite, serious and professional service, in an ‘Empordanesa style’. Our experience has positioned us as one of the leading real estate agencies.

With our virtual showroom, this website, as well as numerous agreements on the main channels, your home will enjoy great visibility. Long ago we began to grow and provide services in other areas of the territory, all of great interest to domestic and foreign investors. Do not hesitate, if you want to sell your property and real quality solutions in the field; Trust us, the locals. We know what we mean.

‘We have an extensive database of clients, national and international, ready to show your home.’

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Feel free to contact our team for more information and to start the process of selling your property.

Sell / rent your home at the best price

At Emporda Immo, we work for you and we do it with the best professional service. Our team has many years of experience in the real estate market and we know how to sell your home in a way that is not only quick but also appropriate for your needs.

  • We take professional photos.
  • We will make a virtual tour.
  • Your property will be visible to national and international clients.
  • It will appear in print and online, exposing itself to thousands of potential buyers.
  • Through our database, more than 300 clients interested in properties like yours will immediately receive information about their property.
  • Our sales team will organize the first visits for buyers immediately.
  • Emporda Immo will take care of all the procedures with total security and guarantee.
  • You will be kept informed throughout the process.

Sell your property with Immo Emporda and ask for a free valuation and without compromises!

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