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What is Home Staging? 5 tips and ideas

Posted by Emporda Immo on 16/01/2020

Home Staging

Home Staging is what is called the art of improving a home to increase its sale price.

Home Staging seeks an increase in the price of housing through structural or decorative improvements to increase the index of potential interested buyers. By increasing the rate of interested buyers, demand interest will also increase and competition will take place so much that experts say can lead to increases of up to 10% of the house price compared to the starting price.

Where does Home Staging arise?

This movement takes on a presence as such around 2000 in Sweden. Thanks to television, Stagers, professionals dedicated exclusively to Home Staging, grow in popularity and share their techniques to improve housing in programs such as:

  • Designed to Sell
  • Flipping Out
  • House Doctor
  • Sell This House
  • The Stage

5 Home Staging Ideas and Tips:

  1. Paint the facade
    Improving the exterior of your home with a good hand of paint can make all the difference. First impression always prevails in our minds. Therefore, by reforming the exterior you can turn a first apathetic impression into a predisposition on the part of the very positive buyer.
  2. Fix the Garden
    Following the norm of the first impression is the one that is worth keeping a garden clean and fixed will help you greatly to increase the price of your home. Buy some simple furniture that gives a rustic garden air and thus gets the homely touch that we all like.
  3. Redecorate the salon
    The living room is one of the most commonly used room in the house.  Painting the room, including some new furniture and adding a touch of nature with some plants will give you the results you were looking for.
  4. Place carpets
    If the floor of your house doesn’t look the way you’d like it is no problem. In Home Staging appearance is very important. Place some carpets on the floor of your home for sale and you’ll see the results.
  5. Minimalism is a trend
    Recharged homes for sale give a feeling of overwhelm as well as small space. A minimalist décor will make your house look much bigger and give a sense of comfort that will help increase the price of housing. Now that you know how to increase the price of your home before you sell it, if you need help selling a home or looking for a new home for you and your family do not hesitate to contact us.

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